Employee Engagement: 5 Virtues That Show You Are a Good Leader and Can Influence Convincingly

First things first, investing in leadership defines the culture of your organization, period. A progressive hospitality leader fosters a combination of charisma, skill and the ambition to motivate others to succeed in doing the things you want accomplished.

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While you can find countless resources on leadership, here are five key takeaways to reflect on, practice and more importantly, utilize to sharpen your influence.

Aliveness- You are qualified to lead. You have mastered knowledge and self-awareness, and this allows you to effectively mentor and influence others.

Adoration- Build up your team. You hired them for their talents, specialized experience and for what they bring to the table. An employee who feels appreciated will always perform beyond what is expected of them. Communicate to them your admiration and the benefit they bring you.

Acceptance- Don’t just push the bottom line. Although it is an end goal, the present goal needs to be synchronous as well. Presently, you are to creatively manage talent and build the strategic blueprint to ensure future success. 

Accurate Actions- You lead by example. Your skill management, consistently exhibited, demonstrates the path for success by defining and solving problem statement roadmaps. How you hyper-connect and hyper-drive efficiency through coaching will be the foundation for others to follow.

Agility- Your mindset is fundamental but fluid. You profitably balance your employees between expectations and endurance, and strength and sustainability. You give them short measured goals countered by long term milestones supporting them along the way.

What separates top organizations? Leadership committed to their talent supports a healthy ROI and the automation of tools and technology to remain competitive. Position yourself for the win by not only driving great guest experience, but an affirmative mastery in ongoing development to lead others. Undoubtedly, this is the most imperative aspect of step one in employee engagement and connection.

Anita K, Executive Talent Manager & Performance Coach at WRKSPOT, anita@wrkspot.com

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Anita Kanti