When Is A Good Time For Marriage


So, when IS it the right time to talk about marriage? There’s good news and there’s bad news. The good news is there is no black and white answer to when it’s the right time. The bad news is there’s no black and white answer to when it’s the right time.

There are all sorts of factors that can contribute to when you or your partner may ideally want to have that conversation. Things like our culture and upbringing add to our expectations and the dynamic of our relationships have a major impact on when we may feel that it’s time to talk forever.

Consider whether you and your partner have experienced the challenges of life together. Have you overcome any challenges? If not, you may want to consider whether you want to overcome a difficult challenge for the first time after you are married.

Have you had the discussion about finances? Financial issues can be a major stressor in any relationship so it’s important to get on the same page if you want to start a life with someone.

Have you talked about your goals with your partner? It’s important to have like minded goals and this doesn’t just apply to career goals. This can apply to how you want to parent any future children, where you’d like to settle down long term, and any other major characteristics of what makes you and your partner who you are as individuals as well as as a couple.

Chase Geiser