How To Manage Ambiguous Communication


Have you ever dealt with someone who just can’t seem to get there thoughts out? Ambiguous Communication is a common problem, especially in this day and age when we are so accustomed to fleeting forms of communication rather than thoroughly engaging with an audience or individual.

All Ambiguous Communication really is is Limited Communication. This can lead to confusion and reduce your credibility or influence with others.

It’s a really good idea to model folks who you admire as communicators, but don’t feel like you have to adopt a whole new personality. Find models you relate to and may be similar to and try to adopt some of the communication practices that are working for them. Often, it’s really helpful to restate what someone has shared with you in a communication to make sure you are understanding them properly and letting them know you are listening.

Make sure you don’t make assumptions when it comes to communication! It’s better to make sure that information is being communicated than assume it is only to find out a message didn’t get across.

Try asking, “How?”. If you are interacting with someone who is sharing an idea or making a suggestion ask them how they think it’s best to follow through on the message they are sending. This is a great way to build communication and improve accountability.

Chase Geiser