3 Ways To Communicate With Your Partner


One of the most common challenges in any given relationship is overcoming communication issues. Communication is so important because it enables us to have an understanding of our significant others and resolve internal conflicts we may be feeling.

Having good communication prevents unhappiness or resentment from building over the course of a long term relationship and positions us to enjoy all of the wonderful aspects of being in a loving and respectful relationship.

The good news is there are simple ways you can address the communication needs in your relationship.

Number 1: Plan on a supportive mutual time to have constructive conversations AND disagreements too.

We all know what it’s like to be confronted with a conflict at what seems like the worst possible time. It’s much easier to address issues, disagreements, or needs when we see it coming. Setting aside the time to have a supportive conversation both guarantees that these important interactions are happening and that we aren’t blindsided by a surprise confrontation.

Number 2: Tip Toe and stick to your topic.

Make sure that when you are having an open and honest conversation with your significant other that you stick to the topic or issue at hand. It’s always tempting to bring up past issues in the heat of the moment, but doing so only escalates a conflict rather than serving to resolve it.

Number 3: Touch and approach with love.

Tone is so important when we are confronting an issue with our partner. Tone and approach have a significant role in the level of respect our significant other feels when resolving a potentially touchy issue. Remember, a relationship is about love and support so your tone and approach should convey the love and support that you expect in return.

Chase Geiser